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This Luxury Watch Is on Sale Just in Time for Father’s Day

StackCommerce — shannon

Whether your pops is a man of luxury or more of a casual guy, this JBW Strider Men’s Watch is the perfect way to say “Happy Father’s Day” this year. Boasting 18K gold plates, 12 understated diamonds, and a generous 44mm case, this timepiece is sure to be a welcome addition to any man’s wardrobe. But the best part? It’s a whopping 83% off!

Sure, there are plenty of luxury watches out there, but very few are dynamic enough to fit perfectly into an eclectic mix of styles. The JBW Strider Men’s Watch can be worn just about anywhere, from formal office meetings to casual weekend lunches. But just because it can be worn casually doesn’t mean it can’t fit into the luxury category. The 18K gold-plated stainless steel watch features 12 discretely sprinkled diamonds, adding just the right amount of sparkle to the masculine timepiece. And with its rather large 44mm case and dual-finish ring, this watch makes one heck of a fashion statement. 

While Dad deserves the absolute best, Rolex watches just may not be in your budget this year. But for a limited time, you can give your dad the gift of timeless style with the JBW Strider Men’s Watch now just $169 — that’s an 83% discount!