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Never Forget an Adventure Thanks to This Super-Durable Go-Pro Gimbal

StackCommerce — shannon

You only live once, but some adventures are so awesome, you’ll want to re-live them over and over again. And with the Slick Smart GoPro Stabilizer Gimbal, capturing your most wild outings is as easy as pie. Whether you’re skiing down the slopes, mountain biking across rocky terrain, or surfing a killer wave, this gimbal keeps your GoPro safe and in great condition time and time again. 

Unlike others like it, the Slick Smart GoPro Stabilizer Gimbal is compatible with all GoPro cameras, not to mention the fact that it’s incredibly light, durable, and even waterproof. Whether you decide to wear your GoPro across your chest, on your helmet, or mounted on a pole, the Slick gimbal holds the camera perfectly steady so you never miss a moment of whatever crazy stunt you’re attempting this time. And since it’s easy to maneuver and lightweight, traveling with it is a total breeze. 

The Slick uses a standard USB, making it incredibly easy to charge on-the-go and transfer content onto your computer or mobile devices. But perhaps the coolest thing about the Slick gimbal is that it rotates on a 3-axis, letting it capture dynamic angles like you’ve never seen.

Craving a new adventure? Snag your Slick Smart GoPro Stabilizer Gimbal for the discounted price of just $269 before it’s too late!