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Tweet With Slur Costs NFL Player His Job

Newser — Bob Cronin

His response to a fan on Twitter cost an NFL player his job Friday. The New York Giants waived Janoris Jenkins after he'd called a critical fan a "retard" earlier in the week.

"It's not a word that you should use," said Dave Gettleman, the team's general manager. "I made that very, very clear." Jenkins, 31, had referred to the term as slang and said it's "just part of my culture," ESPN reports.

After his release, the cornerback appeared to welcome the development on Twitter, writing, "Best news ever," while wishing his teammates luck and assuring fans that "my intentions are always pure and genuine." Jenkins, who had 54 tackles and four interceptions this season, has another year and $11.25 million left on his contract.

Another team can grab him for the rest of this season for $1.2 million.

Pat Shurmur, the Giants coach, said the decision was prompted by Jenkins' "refusal to acknowledge the inappropriate and offensive language." Jenkins had apologized in a press conference, and on Twitter, but seemed to retreat by saying he didn't mean to offend anyone, "so if you take it how you're going to take it, it's on you." Use of the term has "negative effects on people with intellectual disabilities, as well as their families and friends," Special Olympics officials say, per the Los Angeles Times.

Jenkins' offense might not keep him from getting another job. Sports Illustrated considers whether Seattle should sign him, and SFGate sees a need on the 49ers.

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