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Burger King's New Customer Base: People in Traffic Jams

Newser — Arden Dier

Getting stuck in traffic in Mexico City is no bueno, though Burger King is working to improve the experience with a "Traffic Jam Whooper." As AdAge reports, a new delivery service in one of the world's most congested cities allows drivers stuck in traffic to order food from the Burger King app and have it delivered to their car by courier.

The service, available within a 2-mile radius of a Burger King restaurant, analyzes traffic data to find gridlocked areas, then advertises to drivers through digital billboards and the Waze app.

The ads tell drivers how much time they have to order or when their food will arrive. The service is expected to expand to Los Angeles, Shanghai, and Sao Paulo, given early successes.

Burger King's daily delivery orders in Mexico jumped 63% in a single week, while daily app downloads jumped 44%. Expect obesity rates to jump, too, complains Kristen Lee at Jalopnik, who argues the solution to traffic is "not feeding people fast food they don't need." (A not-so-happy Happy Meal, anyone?)

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