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Kiss Your Vacuum-Lugging Days Goodbye Thanks to This Lightweight Surface Sweeper

StackCommerce — shannon

Admit it, cleaning the house with a full-sized vacuum feels more like a workout than anything else. So why not opt for a more lightweight yet reliable option? Say hello to the InstaSweep Hard Floor Surface Sweeper! Similar to how street-sweepers work, this cleaning tool uses 3-way tornadic triple-sweep technology to literally attract dirt and grime from the outside in, and actually hold onto it. 

Wondering if a floor sweeper like this one can really replace your heavy-duty vacuum? It absolutely can! The InstaSweep’s two internal brushes that spin from the outside in, gather dirt and debris of the floor in one quick motion, whether it be dust bunnies, hair, or even spilled dog food. Its strong bristles can rub tough, stuck-on dirt off tile, wood, and even marble floors. The sweeper then collects the debris and actually holds onto it (it doesn’t just move it around the floor as other lightweight sweepers do). When it’s time to empty out the dirt, simply open up the dirt compartment and dump it into the trash, no muss, no fuss.

This sweeper is completely cordless and weighs under two pounds, making it incredibly easy and convenient to use, especially for everyday clean-up. But the best part? It costs far less than similar floor sweepers on the market. 

For a limited time, you can snag your very own InstaSweep Hard Floor Surface Sweeper for 30% off at just $24.99

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