Defense to call witnesses in Chicago police…

Defense attorneys in Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke's murder trial are about to start calling witnesses, and the big question is whether Van Dyke will testify

Florence: Evacuations continue as North Carolina…

Thousands of coastal residents in South Carolina told to be ready to evacuate as rivers rise more than a week after Hurricane Florence slammed into the Carolinas

Ex-Teacher 'Didn't Know' Sex With Student Was a…

Mary Kay Letourneau now works as a paralegal, but the former Seattle schoolteacher apparently didn't know much about law in the 1990s. She told an Australian TV station Sunday that when she had sex with 12-year-old student Vili Fualaau, she had no idea it was a crime, Fox reports. "If...

Lawsuit: Teacher used grades to coerce student into sex

A lawsuit says a South Carolina math teacher threatened to dock a student's grade if he didn't have sex with her

Surprise victory for Maldives opposition

Ibrahim Mohamed Solih won the Maldives' presidential election in a surprise defeat.



What Causes Book Pages To Turn Yellow Over Time?

Ever gone into your attic or crawlspace to find an old yearbook or that novel you loved reading growing up only to find the pages have turned to a yellowish hue? Why do book pages turn yellow over the years? Buzz60's Mercer Morrison has the story.

Iran: US wish to halt Iran's crude exports won't come true

Iran's oil minister: US will not succeed in plans to halt Iran oil exports; South Korea stops buying Iranian crude

Sheriff: Florida deputy kills wife, himself, leaving 4 kids

Florida sheriff says a deputy killed his wife before turning the gun on himself as four children were in their home

World shares wobble on fears of long U.S.-China…

Asian shares stumbled in holiday-thinned trading on Monday as China's decision to cancel talks with the United States reinforced fears of a protracted trade war with neither side willing to back down. Laura Frykberg reports.

Georgia men could avoid death in kidnap-slaying of couple

Two Georgia men are expected to plead guilty to kidnapping and killing a pregnant woman and her fiancé

Bill Cosby's Sentencing Process Starts Monday

He faces a maximum sentence of 30 years.

10 Things to Know for Today

Among 10 Things to Know: New sexual-misconduct accusation rocks Kavanaugh nomination; Judge to decide whether Bill Cosby goes to prison; Trump, at UN, to again confront North Korean nuclear threat

Police: Suspect dead, officer wounded in…

Baltimore's interim police chief says a suspect died and an officer was wounded in a shootout in a violence-prone Baltimore district where a crime suppression initiative was taking place

Protests, pleas expected at hearing on Trump fuel…

Doctors, environmental groups and California officials will weigh in on the Trump administration's proposal to roll back car-mileage standards at what could be a raucous hearing in a region with some of the nation's worst air pollution

Woman seeks stolen necklace containing grandmother's ashes

A woman is asking for help from Buffalo residents to find a necklace containing the ashes of her grandmother that was stolen from her home

Double-headed snake surprises homeowner

The rare copperhead was discovered in a garden in Virginia and is unlikely to survive in the wild.

WORLD MALDIVES Maldives' Opposition Candidate…

Opposition candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih declared victory early Monday in the Maldives’ contentious presidential election widely seen as a referendum on the island nation’s young democracy.

New Analysis Reveals that Over 30% of TripAdvisor…

A new analysis suggests that fake reviews are plaguing the internet. Buzz60's Tony Spitz has the details.

Turkey to create 'safe zones' in Kurdish-held Syrian areas

Turkey's president says Ankara will take steps to create 'safe zones' in areas held by Kurdish fighters in north Syria

Crystal ball and chain: 'Psychic' gets 6 years for scam

A convicted fraudster and self-declared psychic who pleaded guilty to stealing $340,000 from people through scams has been sentenced to six years in prison

Federal Reserve: markets see hike - many more to…

Traders are betting the Federal Reserve will hike its key rates this week. But as David Pollard reports, a sell off in the dollar hints at doubts about the tightening trajectory ahead.