Traveling Artist Rewrites Reality with Work…

These inventive works of art combine freehand sketches with photography to make the world a little more magical.

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Heather Graham finally sees 'Bliss' as good thing

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This Is the Type of Music People with Money Like?

If you listen to classical music when you’re not at weddings or your cousin’s piano recital, there’s a good chance you’re doing better financially than your peers.

Rose Byrne and Chris O’Dowd Teach Australian and…

Rose Byrne and Chris O’Dowd teach each other slang words from their respective birthplaces, Australia and Ireland. Byrne and O’Dowd star in Juliet, Naked, in theaters August 17.

Will Princess Charlotte Get the Fancy Top…

Will Princess Charlotte ever get the Princess Royal title? Keri Lumm explains the top princess role.

Today's Horror Films Are Hitting Too Close To Home

When it comes to horror films today, filmmakers are shying away from traditional blood and gore and focusing more on the fears of society.

AP source: It's not just audio, Manigault Newman…

Omarosa Manigault Newman's stash of documentation is said to include video, emails, text message and other material

Aretha Franklin Made 'Respect' A National Anthem…

Franklin wasn't the first to record 'Respect,' but her rendition catapulted the song into American history.

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Kylie Jenner WONT HELP Poor People Because “ Th…

First world problems alert! Kylie Jenner apparently won’t donate to the needy because of a rather harsh reason!

Miss America: Leadership bullied, manipulated…

The reigning Miss America says she has been bullied, manipulated and silenced by the pageant's current leadership including chairwoman Gretchen Carlson

Matt Groening loves medieval times of 'Disenchantment'

5 Tips for Eating Out with Kids

Eating out with kids can be tricky. Keri Lumm shares some tips on how to make it easier!

MTV VMAs working to craft tribute for Aretha…

The MTV Video Music Awards plans on honoring the legacy of Aretha Franklin _ they're just not sure how they will do it

Hollywood's Highest Paid Actress Is...

These actresses are getting paid the big bucks! Keri Lumm shares the actresses having the biggest pay day in Hollywood.

Mark Wahlberg Takes a Lie Detector Test

Mark Wahlberg takes a lie detector test for Vanity Fair. Is he more Boston than Matt Damon? Does he read reviews of himself in movies? Is he gonna drop a mixtape soon? Does Will Farrell return his calls? Find out all that and more in this video. Mark stars in "Mile 22," out in theaters August 17th.

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