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This Anti-Snoring Jaw Strap May Just Save Your…

A loud-chewing, dirty dish-leaving partner’s got nothing on a loud snorer. Seriously, not much can make you want to kick someone in the shins quite like a sleepless night accompanied by what can only be described as bear growls coming from your sleeping bed buddy. But don’t start packing boxes yet, this Anti-Snoring Jaw Strap … Continue reading "This Anti-Snoring Jaw Strap May Just Save Your Relationship"

Moose Gone Loose! Moose Falls Through Roof of…

Put your hands in the air and raise the moose...I mean roof well you’ll get what I mean with this story. Buzz60’s Mercer Morrison has the story.

Disney's $71.3B Acquisition Of 21st Century Fox…

Under the terms of the deal, The Walt Disney Co. now owns Fox's film and television studios.

Jury Finds Bayer's Weed Killer Caused A…

A federal jury found Tuesday that the herbicide Roundup caused a man's non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

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Kylie Jenner FIRES Assistant & Hailey Bieber…

BIG NEWS in Kylie Jenner’s friend group.. No Jordyn woods is NOT back in the circle… actually someone else got the boot! ALSO… Kylie’s fans think she’s pregnant thanks to an Old Wive’s tale…. Yeah we are talking dissecting this hippy dippy theory! And the marital problems plaguing Justin and Hailey Bieber are seemingly getting worse.. are they bringing in a divorce lawyer? Finally, we’ve got some good marital news… Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams are engaged!!! Let’s get into this piping hot tea right now on Hollyscoop’s Daily Rewind!

Paul Pogba Buys American-Style Championship Rings…

Paul Pogba honored France's World Cup team for their win in Russia by designing a championship ring for the squad.

Science Says: Tiny 'water bears' can teach us about survival

The U.S. military hopes that humans can learn toughness from tiny 'water bears' that survive 300-degree heat, Antarctic cold and even the vacuum of space

Hurricane names Florence, Michael retired by meteorologists

Florence and Michael: Names of 2 hurricanes that caused dozens of deaths and wide devastation from Florida to Virginia last year have been retired

At 12:02am, Disney Made A World-Shaking…

"Disney had been a mere behemoth," observes the New York Times . At 12:02am Wednesday, it became something greater.

Briton dies in head-on collision at Texas off-roading event

An Englishman has been killed in a head-on collision at an off-roading event in Texas

Gunmen fire on uranium convoy in Brazil; no injuries

The company that operates a nuclear plant in Brazil says that gunmen fired on a convoy carrying uranium fuel, but says they weren't targeting the radioactive material

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Fed news sends bond yields sharply lower; US…

Banks led U.S. stocks mostly lower Wednesday after a brief rally sparked by the Federal Reserve's latest policy update faded. Bond prices rose sharply, pulling Treasury yields down to the lowest levels in more than a year.

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Finally, Wireless Earbuds That Don’t Skimp on…

Sure, you could stick any old wireless earbuds in your ears on your next run, but it’s unlikely that your listening experience will be anything more than, “meh”. But with the Brio True wireless earbuds, you can hear every baseline and harmony track with audio so crisp, you’ll think you’re listening to surround sound right … Continue reading "Finally, Wireless Earbuds That Don’t Skimp on Quality"

Las Vegas Hotel Offers Package Including Private…

The Venetian hotel in Las Vegas is offering what they call the ‘Want the World Package’. Buzz60’s Mercer Morrison has the story.

"Captain Marvel" Continues To Dominate Worldwide…

After just two weekends in theaters, "Captain Marvel" has already passed the likes of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and "Doctor Strange."

Judge Says Injunction On Military's Transgender…

An injunction temporarily blocking the military's transgender ban is at the center of a legal dispute.

Kylie Jenner Fans CONVINCED She Is PREGNANT…

Is Kylie Jenner pregnant with baby number 2?! After she posted this picture with Stormi her fans IMMEDIATELY started thinking that she was and now I don’t know what to think. Get your investigation caps out party people because we’re about to dive into the theory as to WHY Kylie’s fans believe she’s pregnant again RIGHT NOW.

Dillashaw gives up UFC 135-pound title because of…

TJ Dillashaw has surrendered the UFC 135-pound championship because of an "adverse finding" in his last drug test

Which NFL Player Deserves Mike Trout's Contract?

On this week's episode of MMQB TV, Andrew Perloff and Albert Breer discuss which NFL player would realistically deserve Mike Trout's monster contract.

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Officials: Temple mumps outbreak swells to 74 likely cases

Philadelphia health officials say they've now believe 74 people have contracted mumps at Temple University

EPA argues for shifting focus from climate change…

Environmental Protection Agency administrator says unsafe drinking water is the world's most immediate