How Republicans Talk About Islam: Then vs. Now

Post-9/11, President Bush made it clear: Islam is a peaceful religion. So why won't anyone running for the Republican nomination say that now?

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Indonesia releases report on Air Asia QZ8501 crash

According to report, technical errors and pilot error were to blame for the crash of Air Asia Flight QZ8501 last December which took the lives of all 162 people on board. CNN's Richard Quest has more.

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Miss World Canada's Fight for Human Rights in China

Miss World Canada Anastasia Lin is barred from entering China, where the Miss World pageant will be taking place on December 19. The WSJ's Eva Tam sat down with Ms. Lin to discuss how her advocacy for human rights has jeopardized her chances to compete in the contest, and her relationship with her father.

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A proposed luxury resort where eagles soar stirs anger

Ruffled feathers: Proposed resort near East Coast aerie for bald eagles stirs angry opposition

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RV industry completes turnaround after stalling in recession

RV industry makes turnaround after stalling in lean years; shipments at pre-recession levels

Suspect in Planned Parenthood attack makes 1st appearance

Man accused in deadly Planned Parenthood attack to be charged with first-degree murder

The Latest: Prince Charles, climate envoys focus on forests

The Latest: Prince Charles, global envoys focus on saving forests to reduce global warming

Los Angeles deputy describes rescuing newborn buried alive

Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy describes rescuing newborn girl buried alive under debris

Cyber Monday Breaks Records As Shoppers Flock To Their Smartphones

This year's Cyber Monday is expected to break records with nearly $3 billion. But it could have been a lot more.

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New kind of Pirelli calendar unveiled

Jennifer Siebel Newsom, director of "Miss Representation," talks to CNN's Isha Sesay about the unconventional 2016 Pirelli calendar.

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Found: a croc statement tote under $60

Those crocodile totes you see on celebrities cost a small fortune. And if you want to spend the same amount on a handbag as you do on a luxury car, then go for it. But we're just as happy with this expensive-looking croc-embossed tote. It's structured, polished, roomy, and it's less than $60 for three days only. Watch and see why this is the bag you should get for your favorite ladies. While you're at it, treat yourself to one, too. You deserve it.

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Will NYC's Sodium Labels Really Influence What People Order?

New York City restaurant chains will soon display warning signs next to items that contain more than the daily recommended intake of sodium.

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How to save mountain gorillas in the Congo

Environmentalists have developed a complex formula to save mountain gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo. CNN's Arwa Damon reports.

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British Parliament to Vote on Whether to Bomb Syria

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron said Monday he will call on parliament to hold a vote on whether the U.K. should conduct airstrikes in Syria against Islamic State militants. Photo: Getty

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More prospective jurors questioned for Freddie Gray trial

More potential jurors in court for trial of 1 of 6 officers charged in Freddie Gray's death

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Official: California water savings take a dip in October

Official: California water savings take a dip October but still beat target in the long run

Grand Canyon looks for new ways to manage backcountry

Grand Canyon outlines changes for managing backcountry to create better visitor experience

Quotations in the News

Quotations in the News

After A Year Hiatus, Japan Set To Start Whaling For 'Research'

Japan will send a fleet of ships to capture 333 minke whales for what it calls scientific research, though others think it's a loophole for whaling.

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Could she be the next Adele?

CNN's Paula Hancocks meets YouTube sensation Lydia Lee who has taken the Internet by storm with her version of Adele's hit song, "Hello."

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Why you should try pH-optimized skincare

Motivated by her own struggle with adult acne, Phace founder Marisa Arredondo created her pH-optimized skincare line as a more effective alternative to the products she encountered on the market. Each Phace formula is designed for maximum absorption and efficacy, and to preserve your skin's delicate pH balance. Watch Marisa explain why her corrective and protective oil-free serum will leave your skin glowing and firm.

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Wal-Mart 'Corporate Policy' Forces Veteran To Stand Outside

An Ohio Wal-Mart told a veteran he wasn't allowed to stand inside the store to collect donations for Toys for Tots.

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Baby found buried under asphalt

A 4.3-pound baby girl was pulled alive from a crypt of asphalt and rubble along a popular Compton walking path. Authorities seek public's help in finding the mother.

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