How Sean Connery Inspired Carly Simon's Solo Career

In her new book, Carly Simon claims that Sean Connery asked her and her sister Lucy to have a threesome in 1965, though he was married at the time.

Inside Iran's giant oil fields

In a CNN Exclusive report, CNN's John Defterios goes inside Iran's giant oil fields which officials hope will revitalize the country's economy.

Film Trailer: 'Legend'

Watch the film trailer for "Legend," starring Tom Hardy, Emily Browning and Taron Egerton.

New Jersey weighing development at Liberty State Park

New Jersey considering development, including amusement park or hotel, at Liberty State Park

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Hostage-taking in French town ends, hostages safe

Officials say hostage-taking in northern French town ends and hostages are safe

Chicago officer charged with murder in killing of black teen

White Chicago police officer charged with murder in the fatal shooting of a black teenager

Antarctica is gaining more ice even though the global temperature is rising

Researchers say snow accumulation is still a sign of global warming due to more moisture in the air caused by temperature increases. Jordyn Rolling (@jordynrolling) has the breakdown!

Meteorologists Cause Dress Drought After Buying Same Outfit

Nearly 50 thrifty TV personalities nabbed the same online bargain. The outfit was so popular that many sizes and colors sold out on Amazon.

Korean War soldier's remains sent home decades after death

Korean War soldier's remains sent home 6 decades after death; greeted by 1 surviving relative

Retailers set the clocks back on sales

Retailers are getting an early jump on holiday sales. Wal-Mart is the latest one, pulling its Cyber Monday promotions to start on Sunday. Bobbi Rebell reports.

US officials signal move toward embracing self-driving cars

Feds updating cautious stance on self-driving cars, with goal of public use sooner than later

Testimony near end in man's Facebook photo killing trial

Testimony near end in trial for man who shot wife, posted Facebook photo, claims self-defense

Turkey And Russia Weren't On Great Terms Before Downed Jet

There was already a lot of tension building between Russia and Turkey before the latter shot down a Russian jet.

Pres. Hollande: "We must act"

French President Francois Hollande meets with world leaders, including President Obama this week to come together in ramped up efforts against ISIS.

There's A New Front-Runner In The Reusable Rockets Race

Blue Origin, not SpaceX, is the first company to successfully send a reusable rocket into space and land it upright on a launch pad.

Trump repeats controversial 9/11 claim

Donald Trump claims he saw people jump from the Twin Towers on 9/11. CNN's Sara Murray reports.

Film Trailer: 'The Night Before'

Watch the film trailer for "The Night Before," starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen and Jillian Bell.

Latest: Businesses advise tenants to prepare for protests

Latest: Chicago businesses advise tenants to prepare for protests with shooting video release

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Turkey shoots down Russian jet it says violated its airspace

Turkey shoots down Russian jet it says violated its territory, Russia says jet was in Syria

Police: Toddler dies after mom puts him under mattress

Police: Mother puts 2-year-old boy under mattress as punishment; boy dies, mom faces charges

Meditation can help combat racism according to study

Meditation can be used to battle bias! Rob Smith (@robsmithonline) has all the promising details.

Why Are Millennials Under The Microscope?

It seems that generational clashes are older than baby boomers.