MGM sues Vegas shooting victims in push to avoid…

A lawyer who attended a Las Vegas concert where a gunman killed 58 people last year is calling a casino operator's lawsuits against hundreds of victims a "bullying tactic"

Ohio prison staff set to execute killer of man…

Ohio is set to execute a condemned killer for a three-decades-old fatal stabbing

Immigrant children describe treatment in…

Immigrant children are complaining of hunger, cold and fear in a voluminous court filing about conditions in U.S. holding facilities

Trump backs off siding with Russia over US…

Trump contends summit with Russia a "great success," backs off earlier remarks undermining U.S. intelligence agencies

Prominent sovereign citizen sentenced for federal bank fraud

A prominent sovereign citizen has been sentenced to more than four years in prison for conspiring to launder money

Biggest Losers: Who shed followers in the Twitter…

In their latest effort to clean the social media platform, Twitter started deleting ‘locked accounts’, leaving several popular Twitter accounts with millions of fewer followers.



Cool as a Cucumber? It Might Be Better to Be…

If you are job hunting, it might be better to be excited than to be calm. Elizabeth Keatinge has more.

Ala. congresswoman wins runoff turning on loyalty…

A House Republican has won her runoff election in Alabama after battling questions about her loyalty to Trump

Swimmers barely escape before driver crashes into pool

A group of children and adults in an above-ground pool in Pennsylvania barely managed to get out the way before a car smashed into it

Fed Chairman Powell outlines risk of trade tariffs

U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell delivered his semiannual testimony to Congress Tuesday and said that countries that have remained open to trade have grown faster than countries that have gone in a more protectionist direction.

Marriott hotels eliminating plastic straws by 2019

Marriott says it will eliminate 1 billion plastic straws annually by 2019

Lessons for next US financial crisis from 3 key…

Lessons for next US financial crisis from 3 key officials who were at center of previous one

New Blood Test May Detect Melanoma In Early Stages

In a new study, scientists used an experimental blood test to identify people who had early-stage melanoma with almost 80 percent accuracy.

APNewsBreak: Twitter suspended 58 million…

APNewsBreak: Twitter has suspended more than 58 million user accounts in the final three months of 2017, according to data obtained by The Associated Press

Investigation leads to closure of 6 Virginia fox…

The Virginia attorney general's office says a two-year investigation has led to the closure of six fox pens, enclosures in which wild foxes are contained to be chased by hunting dogs

Official: Escaped jaguar bit through steel cable…

A jaguar that escaped its enclosure and killed nine other animals at a New Orleans zoo apparently was able to bite through a steel-cable barrier that forms the roof of its habitat

Man who cut off his ankle monitor suspected in 3…

Houston-area parolee suspected in three fatal shootings arrested and faces capital murder charges; police say he cut off ankle monitor days before rampage started

Nicaraguan forces violently retake symbolic city

Nicaraguan national police and armed pro-government civilians lay siege and retook a symbolically important neighborhood that has recently become a center of resistance to President Daniel Ortega's government

Deputy names, other details released in Minnesota shooting

More details released in fatal shooting of a 16-year-old student in suburban Minneapolis, including the names of the sheriff's deputies involved