Loretta Lynch has private meeting with Bill Clinton

A meeting this week between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton is creating headaches for Hillary Clinton's campaign. CNN's Jeff Zeleny reports.

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California attorney general subpoenas refiners on gas prices

The California attorney general has issued subpoenas to several oil refiners to learn how they set gasoline prices, which are consistently higher in California than in most other states

California governor denies parole for ex-Mexican Mafia chief

Gov. Jerry Brown is again blocking parole for a former leader of the Mexican Mafia prison gang who now helps law enforcement

Man at center of 'Serial' podcast granted a new trial

After spending 16 years in prison, a man convicted of murder who was at the center of the podcast "Serial" has won a new trial in Baltimore

Adnan Syed Of 'Serial' Will Get Another Chance At Freedom

Syed's post-conviction hearing was essentially his last chance to get out of prison.

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There's a Reason Your Spaghetti Spoon Has a Hole

Here's a fun thing you probably didn't know but there's a specific and useful reason why your spaghetti spoon has a hole in it. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has that reason.

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Meet A Few Of Iraq's Orphans Who Lost Their Parents To ISIS

The aftermath of ISIS' stronghold on Sinjar and the city's later liberation left dozens of children without parents.

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Australia could soon elect 5th prime minister in 3 years

Australians go to the polls Saturday with the opposition leader vying to become the country's fifth prime minister in three years

Oklahoma skydiver safe after parachute malfunction

An Oklahoma skydiver delivering the game ball for a professional soccer match says muscle memory kicked in when his parachute malfunctioned in an incident he captured on camera

Dinosaur Killing Asteroid Almost Got Us Too

A new study is saying that not only did the Dinosaurs die from the asteroid that struck Earth 66 million years ago but 93% of mammals passed as well. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has the story.

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Self-driving car driver killed in Florida collision, a first

Federal officials are reporting the first self-driving car fatality in the U.S.

Transgender People No Longer Banned From Openly Serving In US Military

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter says the military is eliminating its ban on letting transgender people openly serve in the armed forces.

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Lawmakers consider boosting funds to defend LGBT rights law

North Carolina lawmakers are taking steps to set aside a half-million dollars for the legal defense of a law limiting protections for LGBT people

U.S. House plans vote on guns

The Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives, under mounting pressure to advance gun-control legislation, will vote next week on a measure to keep guns out of the hands of people on government terrorism watch lists. Linda So reports.

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Lawyers await rulings on challenges to Mississippi LGBT law

Attorneys who sued to try to block a Mississippi gay-marriage law hope a federal judge will hand down rulings in their lawsuits Thursday, the final day before the law is set to take effect

This Is How Disastrously Bad Puerto Rico's Economy Is

Here's one stat: It's $72 billion in debt.

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Donald Trump: I'm running against two parties

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump says he feels like he's running against his own party because so many prominent Republicans have yet to endorse and help him in the campaign. CNN's Jim Acosta reports.

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Yahoo CEO paints bright picture with potential sale looming

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer seeks to reassure company is heading in right direction with potential sale of troubled internet business looming in background

Istanbul attackers connected to Central Asia

Investigators say three of the men involved in the Istanbul airport terror attack came from Central Asia, and analysts say that's not all that surprising. CNN's Brian Todd reports.

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Federal action sought for Florida coastline tainted by algae

Officials want federal action along a stretch of Florida's Atlantic coast where the governor has declared a state of emergency over algae blooms

Police: Man kills 3 kids at home, wife near store, then self

Authorities say a man chased and gunned down his wife outside a drug store and killed their three children at an apartment in Las Vegas before apparently shooting himself, leaving five members of a family dead

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Contractor will testify in lawsuit over fatal Christmas fire

A contractor who initially took the blame for accidentally starting a fire in Connecticut that killed his girlfriend's three children and her parents on Christmas morning will testify in a wrongful-death lawsuit and turn over documents

America's Beer-Drinking Habit Is Making This Mexican Town Thirsty

Zaragoza's mayor says a nearby brewery is causing water shortages in his community.

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New Evidence Supports Pluto's Subsurface Ocean Theory

New evidence coming our way as a result of NASA's New Horizons mission is saying that Pluto has a subsurface ocean. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has the rest.

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