McDonald's adds Big Mac onesie, sweats to items…

With McDonald's now offering a delivery service, the fast food giant is looking to make customers comfortable eating at home with a new clothing line that includes an adult-size Big Mac onesie

Lawn-mowing Indiana man charged in neighbor…

An Indianapolis-area man who was wounded when an argument with a neighbor escalated into across-the-fence gunfire has been charged in the shooting

Damond family hires attorney from Castile case

The family of an Australian woman shot to death by a Minneapolis police officer has hired an attorney who represented the family of black motorist Philando Castile, who was also slain by a Minnesota police officer

Sen. Thune: We will get 50 Republicans to yes on…

Senator says party is starting to narrow the gap on policy

Republicans struggle to resuscitate health bill

Trump administration is trying to win over the support of the defectors

Austria urges stop to moving migrants to Italian mainland

Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz on Thursday urged his Italian counterpart not to allow migrants arriving by boat to Italy's islands to travel on to the mainland

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NC governor on Trump drilling plan: 'Not off our coast'

North Carolina Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper says he's opposed to drilling for oil and natural gas off the Atlantic coast

Elon Musk says NY-DC hyperloop is coming

In a tweet, Musk says he has the verbal go-ahead to build a tunnel that would get people from New York to Washington DC in under 30 minutes.

Reality Check: Is Brexit inevitable?

No description.

The New York Times - Trump on Sessions’ Recusal…

From The New York Times: In an interview with New York Times reporters, President Trump expressed anger at Jeff Sessions and James Comey. He also acknowledged a newly disclosed conversation with Vladimir Putin.. Watch the original video on Times Video:

Rand Paul: Health care was broken before the ACA

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., says while the government isn't good at 'things,' he wants every American to have low-cost health insurance. Sen. Paul also discusses his thoughts on CBO numbers.

Matthews: Trump doesn't care if millions lose…

Chris Matthews has watched President Trump act almost with glee over the prospect of having the public blame the Democrats for what he predicts will be the failure of Obamacare down the road.

Trump Laywer: ‘Nothing Illegal’ About Trum…

President Trump’s personal lawyer Jay Sekulow tells Chuck “there was nothing illegal to cover up” about Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russians during the campaign. Plus, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) talks developments on the health care bill.

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Why Use The Alphabet When Apple Has Given Us New…

Apple has unveiled new emojis that include yogis, breastfeeding moms, and zombies.

House backs road in remote Alaska wildlife refuge

The House has approved legislation allowing a proposed road through a remote national wildlife refuge in Alaska that was rejected by the Obama administration

Powerful storms in cause damage, flooding in Midwest

Several hundred people have evacuated their homes in the small western Wisconsin community of Arcadia as heavy rain sent a creek over its banks

Sears stock soars on Amazon deal

Sears' shares skyrocketed after the struggling retailer said it will sell its Kenmore home appliances on Amazon.

Cops: Man arrested after 2nd dog in 3 years dies in hot car

Police say a Connecticut man who left his dog to die in a hot car three years ago has been arrested after another dog died the same way

Annoying Eye Floaters Are More Helpful Than You…

The squiggly specks floating around your line of sight can be a sign of something more serious.

That buzz around the VP's residence? Bees

Soon after Karen Pence arrived her new home in Washington, she made an addition of a new colony of bees.

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Prominent digital drug marketplaces knocked out…

Justice Department officials are announcing a takedown of an internet marketplace for drugs, counterfeit goods, weapons and other illicit items

Fugitive in police chief slaying died in 1997…

Court documents show a man wanted in the 1980 killing of a Pennsylvania police chief lived in a secret room in his ex-wife's home and told her to bury him in the backyard when he died in 1997 after two strokes