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Witnesses share details about the NJ train crash

Bryan Llenas reports

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Superhero Origins: The Inhumans

The Inhumans are the most advanced race in the Marvel Universe. Welcome to and today we will explore the comic book origin of The Inhumans.

New Coffee and Pork Sausage Contain ‘Natural…

Men are always looking for ways to improve their performance in the bedroom and two different companies are making coffee and pork sausages that are infused with natural viagra. Jose Sepulveda (@josesepulveda87) has more.

The Banned Book List Hints At What Americans Find…

The list of the most challenged books in America shows more books are opposed for their diverse topics.

Surprising Reasons Why You'd Want To Be Short

Do you really want to be taller?

Slow Computer?

Run a free PC scanner to find out what's wrong right now!

Family, Friends Bid Farewell To Jose Fernandez

A day after fans said goodbye, family and friends of Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez attended a private funeral Mass on Thursday.

Angelina Jolie was "Terrified" of Brad Pitt

As the divorce between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt continues, new information about Brad’s behavior as a parent has emerged. Angelina was reportedly terrified for her children.

Prison officials: 2 supervisors, 2 officers hurt in attack

Authorities in North Carolina say two supervisors were stabbed and two correctional officers sustained other injuries after being attacked at a state prison

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Suspect In The Washington Mall Shooting Voted…

The suspect in the Washington mall shooting reportedly voted, even though he isn't a U.S. citizen.

Theo Epstein signs five-year contract extension…

The Chicago Cubs have signed a five-year contract extension with Theo Epstein to remain at the helm Cubs’ baseball operations, the team announced.

You'll Have to Fetch Help to See This Viral…

At first glance, this viral optical illusion that's making its rounds online seems like a boring bathroom until you look closer. Sean Dowling (@seandowlingtv) has more.

Will September 11 Victims' Families Have Their…

Ellen Ratner and Chandler Thornton discuss how congress rejected Obama's veto of the 9/11 bill, making this the first override of his presidency.

Turns Out Meerkats Are Super Violent. Who Knew?

A study found the desert creatures are more likely to kill each other than humans are to kill their own kind.

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Hoboken train crash kills 1, injures more than 100

A train failed to stop at a major station in Hoboken, New Jersey, during Thursday morning's rush-hour, killing at least one and injuring more than 100 others, officials said. CNN's Jean Casarez reports.