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Watters' World: Anger edition

Jesse Watters heads to Philadelphia to ask the folks what makes them angry on 'The O'Reilly Factor'

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6 Tips to Keep Ticks Away this Summer

Follow these simple tips to avoid tick bites this summer. Sean Dowling (@seandowlingtv) has more.

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'Game Of Thrones' Finally Tells Hodor's Story — And It Will Crush You

Winterfell's gentle giant was the focus of the most heart-wrenching moment so far of "Game of Thrones" season six.

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Billionaire Throws Tantrum After Being Denied Entry To Broadway Smash

Chris Sacca was seen throwing a 'temper tantrum' after being turned away from 'Hamilton!'

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Slow Computer?

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Libertarian Gary Johnson Makes His Case For The White House

The White House hopeful weighs in on how he can play spoiler in the two party race.

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Hodor Actor, Kristian Nairn, was Happy with His Character's Tragic Scene

Alright 'Game of Thrones' fans, you know the drill. If you haven’t seen this week’s episode, stop now! Kristian Narin, the actor who plays Hodor in HBO’s 'Game of Thrones', has spoken after his character’s tragic demise.

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Police: Driver charged in high-speed chase was off-duty cop

Police say a driver who led officers on a high-speed chase in Ohio earlier this month turned out to be an off-duty officer _ and so was his passenger

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Study Shows Health Care CEOs Overwhelmingly Support Obamacare

A survey from Modern Healthcare shows more than two-thirds of health care executives support keeping Obamacare, while just 2 percent want it gone.

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Murder trial for 'Shield' actor set to begin in Los Angeles

A murder trial for a veteran actor who played a police officer on the television series "The Shield" is scheduled to begin Monday

Mark Cuban open to being Donald Trump's vice president

Mark Cuban says that he is willing to run alongside either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the upcoming presidential election.

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Town in Fear after Repeated Sightings of 'Werewolf' on the Prowl

People in the town of Hull, United Kingdom are afraid that a werewolf has made his home in their town. Keri Lumm (@thekerilumm) reports.

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Slain Motorist's 13 Children Get $218,000 Each In Settlement

A judge in southwest Ohio has decided that the 13 children of a black motorist killed by a white University of Cincinnati police officer will get nearly $218,000 each in a wrongful death settlement

The VA Secretary Just Compared Hospital Wait Times To Disneyland Lines

House Speaker Paul Ryan tweeted: "This is not make-believe, Mr. Secretary. Veterans have died waiting in those lines."

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Democrats hope to turn red states blue

Could 2016 be the year Democrats capture hard won southern states? CNN's Victor Blackwell talks strategy with the DNC.

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