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Veterans react to political fight over Trump's fundraiser

Presumptive Republican nominee defends donations to vets; debate on 'The Kelly File'

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Top 10 Worst Movies by TV Stars

Ummm, you know what, you probably should stick to television. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Movies by TV Stars.

Community Fuming Over Memorial Day Display Vandalism

Vandalism of a Memorial Day display in Henderson Kentucky has the community fuming mad. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

Kit Harington Wants You To Know Men Experience Sexism, Too

The actor who plays Jon Snow says he's tired of being objectified because of his good looks, but not everyone feels bad for him.

Woman Pulls Casket For Miles For Mental Health Awareness

Woman headed to the state capitol to raise awareness of mental health issues, including suicide.

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War's Toll Weighs Heavily On U.S. Forces

President Obama acknowledges blak combat conditions in Iraq.

Amber Heard Reveals Why She Didn't Come Forward with Johnny Depp Alleged Assault

Amber Heard’s lawyers reveal the reason the actress didn’t come forward with assault allegations against her husband Johnny Depp sooner. According to her reps, the actress was trying to protect herself and Johnny.

Detective whose story told in McFarland USA pleads guilty

An ex-detective who was on the championship 1987 track team depicted in the movie McFarland USA has pleaded guilty to bribery and drug charges while he was with the Bakersfield Police Department

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Why Is The Boy's Father's Criminal Past Relevant In Gorilla's Death?

After a gorilla in Cincinnati was killed when a boy fell into its enclosure, the Daily Mail wrote a story about the boy's father critics call racist.

Baylor Athletic Director Ian Mccaw Resigns

Baylor athletic director Ian McCaw has resigned amid controversy over the school’s handling of sexual assault allegations.

SPF 55 May Not Protect You

New research is saying SPF 55 may not be helping you in the sun. Stay safe this summer and protect your skin. Alyse Barker (@IamAlyseBarker) has the story.

Why Didn't The Zoo Tranquilize The Gorilla?

Zoo defends its decision to kill the primate amid growing criticism.

Senate Blasts VA And Watchdog Group For Oversight Failure

It stems from an investigation that started more than a year ago at the VA medical center in Tomah, Wisconsin.

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Wooing the Amish vote in the 2016 election

Holmes County, Ohio, has the highest population of Amish and Mennonites in the United States. CNN's Gary Tuchman asked some of its residents for their thoughts on the 2016 election as a Donald Trump Superpac prepares to target their community over the summer.