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Delays, missteps amid Benghazi attack noted in House report

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland reacts to revelations about conflicting orders during rescue mission

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Top 10 Movie Tank Scenes

Make tracks to the armory! Join as we count down our choices for the Top 10 Movie Tank Scenes.

College Creating Its Own Homemade Lava

The University at Buffalo is creating its own lava to study the interaction between the hot stuff and water. Produced by Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones).

Stepbrother Of Elvis Presley Says 'The King' Overdosed On Purpose

David E. Stanley opens up about Elvis and his final years in a new book.

Clinton: It's Time To Move On From Benghazi

Hillary Clinton said it is time to move on from Benghazi after a GOP House report was released, saying the new report had nothing to contradict her testimony.

Slow Computer?

Run a free PC scanner to find out what's wrong right now!

You’ll Get The Best Sleep On This Day Of The Week

Even though we tend to sleep longer on the weekends, we actually sleep better on a weekday! Can you guess which one?

Chelsea Handler Admits to Having Two Abortions at 16 Years Old

Chelsea Handler confesses to having two abortions at age 16 in her most revealing interview to date.

Men-only Rhode Island yacht club dealing with fallout

A Rhode Island yacht club that only allows men as members is dealing with the fallout

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Get Great Deals On Hotels

Search and save with Toshiba Travel Place. Plan a vacation today!

Call Logs, Documents Provide A Harrowing Look Into Orlando Shooting

One dispatcher reported losing touch with a caller and recorded this: "just an open line with moaning."

Young Hoopers in NYC meet Kevin Durant, Can’t Contain Excitement

Some lucky kids got to meet their basketball idols...and just couldn't handle themselves.

Uproar After Texas Library's Cat Mascot Is Evicted

A cat mascot in Texas will be forced to relocate if city officials can't agree on his home. Keleigh Nealon (@keleighnealon) has the story.

Farage On Brexit: Stop The Nonsense About The Markets

UK Independence Party Leader Nigel Farage talks to CNN's Richard Quest about the benefits of the Britain leaving the European Union.

What Stephen Hawking Doesn't Know, And What He Knows All Too Well

The renowned scientist had some interesting things to share with interviewer Larry King.

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Donald Trump vows to scrap trade deals, threatens China

Donald Trump says he will pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and will renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement as well as punish China for any illegal activity.