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Trump campaign mgr: Emails prove system 'rigged' from start

Paul Manafort tells 'On the Record' that Bernie Sanders supports have a lot to be angry about, WikiLeaks dump prove their suspicions

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You Ruined It! Film Studios Wary Of Comic-Con Leaks Hold Back Trailers

After several high-profile leaks at past Comic-Con screenings, a number of major movie studios are keeping their trailers at home this year.

Leaked Email Scandal Rocks The Democratic Party

On Sunday, the Democratic National Comittee made a big announcement

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Was This Blue Hole 'Dug By The Devil?'

Many long-time residents around the famed 663-feet-deep Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas believe it was ‘dug by the devil’ and refuse to approach it for fear of death.

Caitlyn Jenner Says Kris Jenner "Brought Her to Life"

Caitlyn Jenner has such wonderful things to say about ex wife Kris Jenner in an interview for H&M. The reality star says she credits Kris for bringing her back to life after her second divorce.

Authorities: 2 killed, 17 shot at Florida nightclub

Authorities say two people have been killed and more than a dozen shot at a nightclub in Fort Myers, Florida

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Socially Liberal, Fiscally Conservative Bloomberg Will Endorse Clinton

Michael Bloomberg is an independent who supports politicians from both sides of the aisle, but this time, he chose Hillary Clinton.

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Sports Style Swipe: Athlete stylist Dex Robinson's five must-haves for summer and more

Athlete stylist and brand manager Dex Robinson came to our studios to share his best fashion advice. Steal the looks of Dex's most stylish clients, Kam Chancellor and Tyrod Taylor, here and here!

7-Eleven Delivers First Slurpee By Drone

7-Eleven hopes to make drone delivery a regular thing. Jordyn Rolling (@jordynrolling) has the story!

Was The DNC Trying To Sink The Sanders Campaign?

Political debate on 'Fox & Friends First'

Why A Vocal Democrat Is Predicting A Trump Win In November

Michael Moore, who predicted Trump's GOP nomination, now predicts a Donald Trump win in November.

Explore Cape Verde's history

In the fifteenth century the Portuguese colonized a small, uninhabited archipelago, and made it the center of the slave trade.

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